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    The Migration from analogue to digital has resulted in many challenges within the schools.

    The Big Picture's mission is to help you bridge the gap as technology surges forward.



The performing arts culture is growing rapidly due to the understanding of how big a role it plays in our society. Therefore, we are seeing more and more requirement for performing arts spaces. For some, they will have a dedicated performing arts centre… for others, this will be a multi-purpose centre. What is critical to understand in these spaces is how it will actually be used. For example, a space that is just used for presentation and spoken word has entirely different requirements to a space that would cater for a rock band. The Big Picture’s engineering team is very experienced in designing systems for performing arts that include…

  • Large-scale video distribution
  • Point source audio & distributed audio with mixing desk matching
  • Stage Lighting and Control
  • Touch panel control systems and integration
  • Our designs also consider acoustics in high regard
  • Lecterns and furniture

Consultation from outset is very important to the end result to ensure your system matches your requirement and your budget.

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