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    The Migration from analogue to digital has resulted in many challenges within the schools.

    The Big Picture's mission is to help you bridge the gap as technology surges forward.



It has been said that there are three parts to an audio-visual system.

  1. Audio
  2. Visual/Video
  3. Control

But at The Big Picture, we believe there are four…and the fourth is acoustics. Understanding that acoustics can be the difference between being able to hear or being able to comprehend is crucial. Throughout schools, the impact from good or poor acoustics is everywhere. But we don’t normally notice the good acoustics until we are in an area with bad acoustics. Many perceive acoustics treatment as being eggshell foam stuck on a wall, but this is not the case. Soft furnishings, bookcases, curtains, carpet and even timber can have a positive impact on your acoustics as well as ensuring aesthetically pleasing areas. At The Big Picture, we have an acoustics engineer as a part of our team to solve your acoustics issues.

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