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Our extensive experience in delivering classroom solutions dates back over 15 years. Over this time, we have seen immense changes in classroom design and technology to assist pedagogy - The art of teaching. We have extensive experience in…

  • Interactive technology
  • Wireless presentation
  • Collaboration
  • Classroom acoustics
  • Assisted hearing support

Whatever the solution you are trying to achieve technology plays a big part, and you can be sure that the Big Picture team has the expertise to supply and deliver in accordance with your vision.



The performing arts culture is growing rapidly due to the understanding of how big a role it plays in our society. Therefore, we are seeing more and more requirement for performing arts spaces. For some, they will have a dedicated performing arts centre… for others, this will be a multi-purpose centre. What is critical to understand in these spaces is how it will actually be used. For example, a space that is just used for presentation and spoken word has entirely different requirements to a space that would cater for a rock band. The Big Picture’s engineering team is very experienced in designing systems for performing arts that include…

  • Large-scale video distribution
  • Point source audio & distributed audio with mixing desk matching
  • Stage Lighting and Control
  • Touch panel control systems and integration
  • Our designs also consider acoustics in high regard
  • Lecterns and furniture

Consultation from outset is very important to the end result to ensure your system matches your requirement and your budget.

Pa Systems

PA Systems

The responsibility placed on a school to ensure effective communication during lockdown has risen year on year. What's important is the understanding that the system not only works but works with clarity and without dead spots. Failure to recognise these two critical elements could directly impact of the safety of your children in the event of an emergency. Consistent ongoing auditing and evaluation are critical to ensuring audio coverage uniformity. The Big Picture focuses on delivering PA systems that comply with AVIXA A102.01:2017 standard. PA system of today's era can trigger, and receive triggers based on certain parameters. For example…

  • Strobe lighting for silent lockdown and room identification
  • Integrated multiple bell schedules
  • Digital wayfinding
  • 2-way communication
  • Door Locking
  • Emergency notifications

Classroom AV integration should also be part of your conversation when it comes to understanding what a PA system can deliver.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage within schools is a way to manage and supersede the ongoing costs of printing. Given the lowering costs of panels and the technology that most IT department have at the fingertips, this is a logical step forward. But how to successfully deploy the technology and manage remotely across one or many campuses is only one part of the equation. As with any digital signage solution, content is king. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure schools marketing departments be involved from deployment right through to ongoing use. The Big Picture has delivered many digital signage solutions throughout schools from video walls, LEDs road signage to outdoor vandal proof enclosures.



It has been said that there are three parts to an audio-visual system.

  1. Audio
  2. Visual/Video
  3. Control

But at The Big Picture, we believe there are four…and the fourth is acoustics. Understanding that acoustics can be the difference between being able to hear or being able to comprehend is crucial. Throughout schools, the impact from good or poor acoustics is everywhere. But we don’t normally notice the good acoustics until we are in an area with bad acoustics. Many perceive acoustics treatment as being eggshell foam stuck on a wall, but this is not the case. Soft furnishings, bookcases, curtains, carpet and even timber can have a positive impact on your acoustics as well as ensuring aesthetically pleasing areas. At The Big Picture, we have an acoustics engineer as a part of our team to solve your acoustics issues.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

In this highly connected world, it is now easier than ever before to communicate across the globe. Applications like Skype for business, Zoom, Google Hangouts and Blue Jeans are now the new ‘norm’ for low-cost video conferencing. Simple cost effective video solutions are now available out of the box. These allow for higher quality video sharing in larger spaces as well as the critical part, which is audio echo cancellation (AEC). A properly designed system allows for students and teachers alike to be heard whether or not they have a big voice or a soft voice with automatic gain control. It's no secret that connecting kids to other cultures encourage learning, maturity and an understanding of a greater world.

What all of this means to you…

The migration from analogue to digital has resulted in many challenges for IT departments and AV support people within the schools. The Big Picture’s mission is to help bridge the gap as technology surges forward at a pace that few have the time to keep up with.

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