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Solstice 3.5 Update

Friday, 14 December 2018

Solstice 3.5 Overview

With support for Miracast alongside Apple's AirPlay, Solstice 3.5 enables native screen sharing capabilities for all major operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS. Guests and other occasional users who do not have the Solstice app installed can quickly and easily share content in meetings and learning sessions, with the Solstice app available for the full Solstice experience. Users also benefit from the second screen and confidence monitor features included in the Miracast protocol.

New Features

  • Support for Miracast streaming. Miracast-enabled Windows and Android devices can now stream to Mersive Solstice Pods via the Miracast streaming protocol without the need for the Solstice user app.
    • Support for up to four simultaneous Miracast streams from Windows 8, 10, and Android devices with Miracast capabilities.
    • All Miracast features are supported, including second screen and confidence monitor for presenters.
    • Support for Miracast streaming via WiFi Direct connections and/or over the existing IT network infrastructure (Windows 10 devices only)
    • The Solstice Pod’s wireless network interface card must be enabled to support Miracast discovery. For the best experience, the Solstice Pod should be deployed on the user network via Ethernet with the Pod’s wireless network interface card enabled to facilitate Miracast discovery.
    • Miracast support is available on Solstice Pod Gen2i hardware only.
    • Solstice screen key support for Miracast connections is available via WiFi Direct only.

New Enterprise Edition Features

Spoken screen key. When this Solstice Pod feature is enabled, the four-digit screen key will be ‘spoken’ from the Solstice-enabled display’s audio output when a user attempts to connect. The screen key will be spoken a maximum of once every 10 seconds if multiple connection attempts occur in short succession. The screen key is enabled separately; both must be enabled for a screen key to be spoken. Please visit Mersive for more information.



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