Solstice 3.4 Update

Thursday, 22 November 2018

What is a Solstice Pod?

The Solstice Pod transforms ordinary meeting and learning spaces by placing content at the center of the meeting experience. With a Pod in the room, multiple participants can share and control meeting content from their laptops and mobile devices on the in-room display, driving better collaboration and decision making.

For those who are already using this technology, we are happy to share that Mersive has announced that Solstice version 3.4 is available for upgrade.

What’s New with this update?

The new release introduces the ability to extend HTML-based signage to Solstice Pods when they are not in active use for wireless collaboration. The 3.4 upgrade also adds support for streaming videos from the iOS YouTube app, as well as other management and network-level improvements.  The 3.4 also upgrades provide access to the most robust and secure version of Solstice available.

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