Does technology support better engagement from students?

Does technology support better engagement from students?

Thursday, 11 October 2018

In a world where students are facing many distractions, the biggest challenge in our education is, how we can drive kids to want to learn, participate in class, improve cognitive and social skills. Student engagement is one of the keys. So how can we achieve this?

Studies show that an increased level of student engagement occurs when technology is integrated into the classroom. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we are giving gadgets in every student and leaving them on their own. We should be using technology as a tool to help teachers create and present content that is interesting, exciting, and relevant to the students. The more the students are engaged the more they will learn.

We have gathered some ways to incorporate technology into your classroom to increase student engagement:

  • Creating a multimedia presentation that incorporates photographs, diagrams, sound effects, music, and/or video clips.
  • Playing relevant podcasts can not only supplement your lessons but engage auditory learners.
  • Video streaming can really help create a more complete picture for students.
  • Using video conferencing technology can allow students to travel all over the world and make learning come alive.

Here at the Big Picture, we aim to promote better engagement from students. We have seen immense changes in classroom design and technology to assist better teaching methods. #thebeardedtech #education #K-12 

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